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Light for Forever/1,2 Kings Teacher Guide [0193]

Title: A Light for Forever: The Divided Kingdom of Israel

Bible Passages: 1 Kings; 2 Kings

Course Description: This course covers the Divided Kingdom of Israel. It emphasizes God's ôlampö in Jerusalem, a symbol of His promise to David that one of his descendants would sit on his throne and rule forever. That descendant is Christ, Who first came to die for the sins of the world and provide eternal life to all who trust in Him. Christ is coming back one day to sit on David's throne and establish His Kingdom in fulfillment of God's promise. God's faithfulness to the house of David and the opportunity to participate in Christ's Kingdom should both encourage and motivate believers today.

  • Uses a three-step lesson plan in a classroom setting
  • Provides commentary and engages learners through interactive teaching methods
  • Correlates with questions in the Adult Bible Study Book
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